Jonathan smilingOriginally from Sutton Coldfield, Jonathan has lived in Southwark for 40 years now and definitely sees London as his home. He has done lots of different volunteering roles over the years, including working with a local homeless shelter, a community nursery and victim support so when he retired three years ago and came across Link Age Southwark he thought it looked like a great idea.

"Although London is such a lively, vibrant place anyone can feel alone here and I was conscious that one day I might well need their support!"

He meets once a week with an older gentleman who loves playing board games. Initially they played draughts "but he wiped the floor with me!" laughs Jonathan, so they have since switched to scrabble. "I thought I might need to step back and not be too competitive but I really don't need to, very often he beats me!"

Over the last two years he has definitely seen the relationship grow and it is clear that he finds befriending highly rewarding.

"Although London is such a lively, vibrant place anyone can feel alone here"

Jonathan also volunteers at local community events to help spread the word about our work and says, "I find it's a very well run charity. They are very well organised and very good at keeping us in touch and involving us in all sorts of ways and I think that's why it's such a success."

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