I've had 2 befriendees since I first started and I've enjoyed visiting each one. My present lady has mild Alzheimer's but we both really enjoy my visits (of course, by phone at the moment because of Covid-19).

She can't get out because of her physical difficulties but we talk about a huge variety of things and have a good laugh each week. We spend a lot of time reminiscing and have quite a lot in common, such as games we played as children, sweets we had and films we saw but she has also told me a lot about growing up in London during the war and what it was like to be evacuated out of London.

She seems to have a never-ending series of stories about her early life. Even though she has family who visit, she says that my visits are the only time that someone is there just to chat to her. I always end my visits with a smile on my face and I think I get as much out of it as she does. It's really rewarding to feel that you've made a positive difference to someone.

The other role I've had for five years is to visit the groups run by Link Age Southwark to get feedback from the group members and suggestions for improvements. I really enjoy visiting the groups and chatting to the members.

This has shown me the breadth of support provided by Link Age Southwark through the groups, the volunteers who run them and those who provide transport, and to realise how much this is appreciated by those who attend.