We are so pleased with how our first ever Online Pet Contest went. Our pets bring us so much joy and have really been there for us during the lockdown. We are delighted that so many of you joined in with our fundraising event to showcase your loyal furry friend and help raise over £200 to support our work with older people feeling isolated and lonely. 

We had some fantastic entries with over 100 photos submitted in total - we have loved looking at them all. All entries have been submitted to our expert panel and they have made their final decisions! 

'Funniest Pet'

Judged by Angela Burgess, friend of Link Age Southwark and founder of local publication SE Mags and Around Dulwich website.

'Most Adorable'

Judged by Link Age Southwark Trustee and cat-lover Juanita Fan. On picking the winners, Juanita said, “It was really tough to choose!

  • 3rd place is Ruby, the Boston Terrier pup - who can resist a puppy?! My heart melted
  • 2nd place is Phlomis and Zephrine - two gorgeous Burmese cats, just so beautiful
  • 1st place is Ted the Chow dog - what a smiley face and so photogenic”

'Best Dressed'

Judged by Jenny Matthews of luxury pet boutique Love My Human. 

'Owner/ Pet Lookalike'

Judged by Leonie St Clair, qualified canine behaviourist of London Dogs Training School. Leonie has decided on:

  • 3rd place - Marion & Lulu - "I think the 'trout pout' just pipped it for me. Cats really know how to pout and look disdainful simultaneously."
  • 2nd place - Fergus and Family - "'Team ginge' were my second vote and I loved the way the whole family were nuzzling up together like ponies."
  • 1st place - Andy & Noodle - "Those ginger moustaches and wavy red hair really swung it for me."
And a final word from our judge, "An honourable mention should go to Casper the 'rug' cat as that likeness was uncanny."

'Best Buddy (most loyal lockdown friend)'

Judged by Lesley Sharp; actress, dog lover and Link Age Southwark Ambassador. Lesley decided on:

  • 3rd place - "Barry the beautiful Stray cat who knows love when he sees it…clever cat"
  • 2nd place - "Sandy Marshmallow….excellent use of lockdown to hone mathematical skills. Very unflinching look to camera..."
  • 1st place - "Frazzle… looking very much like a dog that knows he’s a got a special role to fulfil and is going to give it 100% while looking good too."

Lesley loved your entries and also wanted to give special mentions to three of them. She said:

"Blaise has obviously been very clever at working out how to usurp the daughters of Nancy and Phil. Zephrine has managed to double as a furry friend and a hat (very skilled, Zephrine) and finally the two borders, Indy and Fergus who were able to be best buddies to each other (hope their humans got a look in too, but you never know with Borders)."

Thank you and congratulations to all of you who entered. Let's celebrate our animal friends who help alleviate loneliness and bring us so much joy!

If you would like to make a donation to this fundraising event and support our work you can do so by clicking on the button below.