Lynford and James both live in East Dulwich. Lynford, who was born in Jamaica, had been looking for someone to talk to who had similar interests. He got in touch with Link Age Southwark and was matched with James, who is originally from Chester but who has lived in East Dulwich for 15 years.

For the past 18 months the pair have been regularly meeting up for a walk and a chat. James explains: "We go to a local café either on a Saturday or Sunday. We play some music and have a chat and put the world to rights." It’s a lively friendship where they can discuss their wide range of interests. Lynford explains: "We talk about all sorts of things – music, the environment, football and politics."

"We play some music and have a chat and put the world to rights"

A shared love of reggae music meant that Lynford and James had been hoping to see a concert together, but unfortunately the lockdown changed their plans. James says: "We were hoping to go see Jimmy Cliff play at the South Bank centre. Three of us had tickets and were planning to go, but then the lockdown happened. Hopefully it will be rescheduled for next year."

Both Lynford and James agree that Link Age Southwark has managed to find a great pairing. Lynford says: "It was a good match by the charity." James adds: "And it’s got better as time has gone on, as we’ve got to know each other more. It’s something that I personally would look forward to on the weekend and Lynford does as well. It’s part of our weekend, it’s what we do."