Joyce was born in Jamaica but has lived in Peckham for over 50 years. She got in touch with Link Age Southwark when she realised she was experiencing difficulties with her memory. Link Age Southwark matched Joyce with Ian for befriending. Ian was born in Greenwich and now lives near the Elephant and Castle.

Ian works in social care but was looking to volunteer with a charity when he reduced his hours at work. He says: "I started to work part time last year – so I had more time. I work in an office with a computer screen and so I thought it would be nice to see a person and not a piece of paper."

"It’s a good friendship"

It’s a warm friendship where Joyce shares tips with Ian on cooking and baking. But it’s their shared interest in art and culture that has really forged their friendship. In the past year they have had many memorable trips to galleries and museums. Ian explains: "Joyce is quite artistic and she used to do lots of cake decorating. So we try to do visits to museums and the art galleries. Joyce is much more forgiving of the art than I am!"

He adds: "We try to do different things each week and go to places that I wouldn’t normally go to. We went to the Dulwich Picture Gallery and saw the Rembrandt paintings last year and we went to the Tate Britain as there was an exhibition for Black History Month."

Joyce is full of praise for Ian. She says: "Since Ian has been coming here we have been to quite a few places. He’s a befriender, which I’m very appreciative of. It’s a good friendship."