As we come to the end of Lockdown 2.0, it's a good time to reflect on some of the ups and downs the past year has presented us with. Here, we share a poem written by members of our online Peer Activity Group at the beginning of lockdown 2.0, in a bid to spread some positivity and humour at a particularly challenging time. The poem highlights some of their experiences and brings together the joys of music, movement and company.

Day one, Lockdown 2.0

I like doing my puzzles. You've got to keep busy.
The TV is on in the background for company.
I check on the chickens for the eggs
Flick oil over the yolk for the perfect fried egg without runny white bits

Brook Benton... He's a good singer.
What did he sing? "Rainy Night in Georgia" Ahh yes!
And Bill Withers - He has kept me alive recently!
Live at Carnegie Hall? The best.

Otis Redding, Ben E King, Solomon Burt, Dick Van Dyke
I like talking, listening to music, and stroking Coco the cat - Cokey Cokey
I read, listen to music and argue with people at work
I listen to Jazz, classical music and some of the old pop stuff

Going for a walk always makes me feel better. A wander round the shops.
Ooh Yes I agree but I must leave my purse at home!

I enjoy walks in the park with the dogs and running.
I can't run, I walk and chat to my friends

We're doing ok

Contributed by peers, carers and staff