Bert is a member of many of our exercise and social groups. He currently attends our Friday Gentle Exercise group on Zoom, but has also found a way of getting plenty of exercise at home whilst our usual groups are suspended.

In Bert’s words, the lockdown meant that he went from having “a really full programme of exercise to very little”, so he set himself the challenge of seeing how many times he could walk up and down the stairs in his home. One trip up and down is 32 steps. Bert began by walking up and down the stairs once or twice four times a day. He has steadily increased this and now goes up and down the stairs four times in a row and does this four times a day: a grand total of 512 steps! Bert’s record is 20 trips in one day, which is 640 steps!

It’s exercise. That’s what I need and was going to be short of

Bert’s challenge has had other benefits too: “My distance walking was limited and my house to the cafe was my limit. Now, on a good day, I go from my house to the cafe and back again. My walking up and down stairs that many times has also increased my distance walking - it’s actually doubled in length! It’s increased my ability to walk on the flat”.

What an encouraging story to us all to find ways to exercise at home. Well done Bert, keep up the good work and thank you for the inspiration.